Welcome to Vinebrook’s Community!                                   community

If you want to engage in the lives of those that need help with

    • Growing up in a stable and healthy environment
    • Being responsible for their family
    • Learning to be a productive part of their community
    • Transitioning into society, communities or family in a healthy manner
    • Other life issues that impede growth for those at disadvantage

Find out more about VCS as an organization which includes our various community programs, events and challenges. Learn and educate yourself on populations that are deemed a-risk or high-risk population.  Read more as you find out how you can support and encourage VCS as we endeavor to stay true to our mission and our population.

We seek investors to assist us in our continuation of community service needs.
We invite you into the world of VCS communities, as you find your place in our programs (volunteer, donor, participant…).

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